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Here we have one of the most famous PH.D of sports science our loved Dr.Jose Antonio, giving us some answers to general questions about diet, supplements and healthy lifestyle.


Q&A with José Antonio PhD:

JC: In these days of IIFYM, Low carb, Ketogenic diet, and CBL, how important are genetics when it comes to the success in these diets?

Jose Antonio PhD: If there is one thing I’ve learned through all the research on diets, it is that there are many ways to achieve the same goal. In general however, I would suggest that the initial best way to improve your body composition via diet is to increase your protein intake while proportionately lowering your carbohydrate (and perhaps fat) intake. Though I think it is best to lower carbohydrate intake, especially processed carbs. Now genetics are important but you shouldn’t be a ‘slave’ to your genes. Let’s say your genetics are not favorable to losing fat. So what? You still need to exercise and you still need to eat well. We are not all blessed with the best genes. The key is that we should not use genetics as an excuse to be fat and lazy.

JC: The role of ‘lifestyle’ in maintaining health and fitness? So, lifestyle is more important than an 8 week fat loss program?

Jose Antonio PhD: What you do, day in and day out, is critically more important than whether you can follow at 8 week fat loss program. I have a saying: it has to be doable and maintainable. If it is neither, than don’t start it. Ultimately, you need to choose an exercise plan that you LIKE. And secondly, you need to choose a way of eating that you can sustain throughout your life. If you can eat well 75% of the time, that’s doing great in my opinion.

JC: What are your current thoughts on dietary fats? and how important are for athletes?

Jose Antonio PhD: The two most important macronutrients for athletes are protein and fats. Never ever skimp on fats. Focus on getting plenty of the mono- and polyunsaturated fats. But in addition, saturated fats are important as well. Future research will further explore the role of different kinds of fats vis a vis performance and health. The n-3 category has certainly been one of the more interesting category of supplements. Other fats such as docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) need to be explored as well.

JC: Does one need supplements if they consume a balanced diet? What supplements would you advise to use for increase performance?

Jose Antonio PhD: In a sense, you don’t ‘need’ any supplements. But that’s the wrong question. The right question is whether supplements help you achieve a particular goal. For instance, it would be virtually impossible to eat enough meat to get effective doses of creatine or beta-alanine. Hence, you supplement with them. If you don’t get much sun, how else will you get vitamin D if you don’t supplement?

JC: In martial arts, speed is a prerequisite. What are your thoughts on training for strength versus speed?

Jose Antonio PhD: In every sport in which speed is a pre-requisite, you have to do both speed and strength training! In fact, strength is very much related to both speed and agility (ability to change direction). So ‘speed’ athletes such as MMA fighters need to lift weights and perform SAQ (speed-agility-quickness) drills.

JC: For increased flexibility (for example: high kicks) what protocol do you prefer? PNF, dynamic stretching, static stretching?

Jose Antonio PhD: For the martial arts, I would suggest you do all types: ballistic, static and PNF stretching. Folks might frown at my ballistic stretching suggestion; but let’s face it, you need that type of flexibility when throwing a high roundhouse kick or spinning heel kick.

JC: Which are your new projects? Anything cool like your super high protein diet study?

Jose Antonio PhD: I am planning at least a half dozen or so ISSN conferences all over the world. Next year, we will be in London! All of the ISSN followers from Spain must go. They’ll love it. Guaranteed!

When are you going to visit Spain? I will be nice to show us your knowledge and eat some paella 😀

Jose Antonio PhD: I’ve never been there. I have been told the food is excellent and the women are beautiful. That should be a good enough reason to visit, right?

Thanks a lot Sensei for give me the honor to answer this little interview, i hope to see you in London, 🙂

Jose Antonio PhD: Thank you sir!

So, this is it… it´s a real dream share this with all of you guys,  this is the first one and i hope that as soon as possible i will show a few more with top Ph.D, coaches and world class athletes.

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